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About Us After many years of working in the shawarma industry, we gave the possibility of the production business in Canada extensive thought. After visiting several successful production establishments in Europe and therefore, considering the advantages of the business, Adiman Shawarma Production (ASP) was officially launched as Canada’s first shawarma production establishment providing consistent, flavorsome prepared shawarma skewers. ASP is taking a new approach to the shawarma business in Canada by providing prepared beef and chicken shawarma skewers at your desired weight. As for the quality of our products, it is guaranteed to be consistently high-quality at all times. Quality is our priority at Adiman Shawarma Production. This is a point of emphasis and one of our core values at Adiman Shawarma Production. With the growth in popularity of the shawarma here in Canada, it was a matter of providing local businesses with authentic and consistently tasteful shawarma. Adiman Shawarma is where quality matters as we have engraved it as one of Adiman Shawarma Productions essential benchmarks.


Halal refers to meat that essentially has been prepared according to Halal guidelines. These guidelines require that only certain types of meat can be eaten and that the meat must be prepared in the specified traditional Islamic way.  Adiman Shawarma Prod. only uses meat from Halal certified slaughterhouses. We place great importance to providing products that are kept at Halal standards. With our Halal certification, we assure our customers that only ritually blessed goods have been used in the production process.




   Hygiene is an essential requirement for the maintenance of our high quality products. It is of natural importance that our production process is in obedience with the Regional Health Standards. All our products are handled and examined with care and delicacy, ensuring our customers of a hygienic, high quality final product. We make sure that our production process follows the “first in, first out” (FIFO) principle in order to protect the freshness of the product.



   Our cooling system and production process guarantee an uninterrupted cooling chain. In order for the shawarma spit to maintain its quality they are frozen immediately and are only removed from the freezers when being placed into the freezer vans and transported to the respective client.


Adiman Shawarma Production

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